EXO Books

EXO Books is the pen name and publishing company of a writer from NYC, USA, Earth.

The Last Day of Captain Lincoln

Novella, 2016


Captain Lincoln's last day is the hardest day of his life.

An old, onetime Captain of the interstellar spaceship USNAS Hope Eternal, Lincoln always knew that this day would come. For just as birthdays are carefully planned, so are deaths. And although he must reckon with his fate, this is not a somber story. It is a tale of love and sacrifice, told in the context of the most advanced civilization ever to exist--a society that has taken to the stars in an effort to save all that is best in humanity.

Follow Lincoln through his internal struggles, his joy in having lived, and his journey to peace.

The End is just the beginning.

Includes 11 superb, full page color illustrations plus B&W illustrations.


Across the Universe is a short story based on an analysis and interpretation of the lyrics of a famous song. This story is intended as a transformative piece of allegory, not a commercial piece of fiction. As such, it is now and forever available to the people of this world for free. It is our hope that you download and listen to the song legally. Then do your own analysis.